Affiliate programme

Are you always looking for the best candidates for your clients in an efficient workflow?

Become part of our human network at p1st & partners as an independent partner with a strong brand and a resilient network.

As your partner, we place our extensive human network at your disposal, which consists of a large number of attractive executives, professionals as well as interesting interim managers and freelancers for your day-to-day business. Furthermore, to make your work as comfortable and successful as possible, you access our digitalised workflow and matching process. This means that you are always in a position to fill even the most difficult vacancies with the best candidates as quickly as possible and to develop successfully in this way.

p1st stands for “People & Participation first“. People1st: People – whether partners, customers or candidates alike – come first for us. Participation1st is the added value in which you “participate” as our partner. Secure yourself the ideal working platform through an attractive partnership with us, with long-standing client relationships and our profound human network of highly qualified candidates, from whose sustainability and expertise you can also benefit.

You will fit in with us if you are very familiar with your clientèle and not only you know the (key) players, but they also know YOU. They combine their professional expertise with in-depth market knowledge. Embedded in our p1st & partners Human Network, we offer you the chance for more turnover, more success and considerably more entrepreneurial freedom. Our clients, customers and partners trust in our strong brand. You too can become a part of p1st & partners!

SEE your opportunities…p1st & partners looks forward to hearing from you.

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