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We assist and support you to reach your career goals easily and without any complication. That is why p1st & partners is the loyal partner at your side throughout the entire application process – and far beyond. Even without a suitable job mandate from our customer’s side, we can help ans assist you. Our consulting services include strategic realignment of your portfolio, tapping the (hidden) job market and we are your partner and we define your new professional way and role together. SEE your opportunities and please contact us at any time you desire. You can get in touch with us via:

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Please be so kind and upload your CV and answer the questions in our kick-off questionnaire. For this purpose we offer you the comfortable possibility of 1-Click CV. Our parsing is based on artificial intelligence and constitutes a function for the automated analysis and storage of data from a CV. Important basic information, such as name, email address or telephone number, is filtered out of the CV and stored. Due to precise algorithms, our parsing tool understands defined text modules and includes them into the input mask. You just have to confirm the process and thus save precious time. Thank you very much!

Please be so kind and answer our kick-off questionnaire, and simply upload further data via drag-and-drop to ensure our best impression on your qualification profile and your personality. We will be glad to meet you!

Based on the provided information we identify together the most suitable position and most interesting company for you. Applicants and jobs really have to fit 100%. p1st & partners takes seriously into account your personal career goals as well as your preferences on the one hand, and on the other your experience and individual skills. In other words this means that we identify the suitable position for you in the company which exactly recommends an expert with your specific experience, background and personality. p1st & partners ensures and guarantees that your application will be highly positively received. Everything that is required for the best possible “fit” is compiled by p1st & partners. We always follow and stand for the motto „the right person in the right place“.

Our services and our consulting

We appreciate you highly as our customer and partner: You can count and rely on us at any time you desire. We are at your full disposition, and you can reach us easily by phone and mail, also, of course, outside business hours. This is what we stand for within p1st & partners.

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Write to us, we will call you back!

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